How To Find A Blogging Niche & Start Blogging

Picking a blogging niche is so important because it can either make or break your business. If you choose a low-competition niche, you’re more likely to rank quickly and prefer to stay up there.

But if you make a bad choice, then your blog might suffer from low traffic, unfollowers and conversion issues. I know how challenging it is to start a blog for the first time and find the right niche to write consistently about. I have been there and done that when I started my Content Marketing Academy blog.

What is a niche?

What is a niche? A niche is where you will be focusing your blog and the main topic of your site. You need to decide what niche it would be best for you to focus on. This doesn’t mean that you can’t write about other things, but your main focus should be within this niche.

Niche blogging should not be something new to you. It is something that has been done since blogging became popular. Several people have their own niches, and they are able to write about things that interest them on a regular basis.

The first thing that you should do before deciding on a niche is to brainstorm, and then narrow down your list of all the possible niches that you could blog about. The more ideas that you have, the easier it will be for you to choose which one is best for your individual blog.

When choosing a niche, it’s best if you pick one that is fairly specific, or narrow it down enough so there aren’t too many different topics covered within the niche per post.

This way, visitors will know when they are reading a post on the subject of your niche, and when they aren’t reading a post about it. Here are some tips to find a suitable blogging niche:

Niche down and stay focused

With blogging, the most common mistake is to try and cover too much. You can find success with a general blog about life and that’s fine. But don’t be afraid to niche down. The beauty of blogging is that you can focus on just one or two topics.

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If you’re not sure where to start, ask yourself what you’re passionate about. What are you good at? What do other people come to you for advice about? What questions do people ask you a lot?

Once you’ve established your niche, start diving deep into it. Add more content regularly and build a community around it. The more specific your blog is, the better opportunity you have to attract a loyal following that will keep coming back for more.

Start with a simple blog, not a full-fledged website

Starting a blog is easy and doesn’t require much time. Many blogging platforms are free, and if you already own a domain name, you can sign up for one of the best free blog hosting services.

The easiest way to get started is to pick a niche topic that you’re knowledgeable about and passionate about (or find one in your industry) and start writing.

If you’re writing about something that interests you, it will be easier to stay focused on your writing, which will make your content more valuable to readers.

As you build traffic to your blog, you can monetize it with affiliate links or Google ads. Or you can use it as a platform for your eCommerce business by creating an online shop section on your site.

Either way, starting with a simple blog first and adding more complex elements once you’ve established yourself can help you avoid getting overwhelmed or distracted from what really matters: creating great content for your audience.

Choose a topic you’re passionate about

The best way to start a blog is to choose a topic that you’re passionate about. Not just because it will be easier to write and you’ll have something to talk about, but because passion is the driving force that will make people want to read your blog in the first place.

How To Find A Blogging Niche & Start Blogging – Seoinkit

Trying to be everything for everyone and cover every topic under the sun is a sure way to be left with a blog that doesn’t get any comments or social shares, even if it’s well written.

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Focus on one niche topic, and embrace it in everything you do. When you’re passionate about something, your writing is much more likely to be good, and people will notice. And when they do, they’ll come back time and time again.

Be specific, not general

What is your blog about? It’s a question that needs to be answered before you go and create your blog, but it’s also one that many bloggers never really think about.

When starting a new blog, it’s easy to get caught up in all the small details of setup and design. There are a lot of things that need to be done in order to launch a successful blog, but all of these little details can cause you to forget the most important thing: what is your blog about?

As you set out to create your blog, there are two different aspects of this question that need to be answered. First, what is the niche of your blog? Second, what is the voice of your blog?

First, let’s look at finding your niche. If you’re going to write about something specific, then it should probably be related to something you are very passionate about. Your writing will be much more effective if you truly believe in what you’re writing about.

Find the right keyword(s)

It’s important to find the right keyword(s) for your blog, and while it might be tempting to look at keyword suggestions from Google Adwords or even your competitors, in most cases it’s better to leave those ideas behind.

InfoBarrel wants content that is informative and interesting for readers who are searching for that information. The best keywords are ones that your customers actually search for when looking for answers to their questions, so don’t worry about what your competition is doing and instead focus on what you can do.

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When choosing which keyword to target, there are a couple of things to consider: – What is one thing information searchers would most likely be looking for? – How many searches a month does the keyword receive? – Is the keyword seasonal or relevant all year long? – Are there alternate spellings or phrasings of this keyword (i.e., “diet” vs “dieting”) that should also be targeted?

There are no hard and fast rules here, but when deciding upon which keywords to target, it’s ideal if they have less than 1,000 monthly searches and an average monthly search volume of 500-1,000. This gives you enough room to rank in the top five spots without having too much competition.

Give it some time and do your research

Blogging is a very rewarding business. It takes time for you to get started, but once you do, it can become a great source of income. A lot of people may be drawn to the idea of starting a blog because they want to make money.

If that’s your goal, great! You will be able to achieve it in due time. But what’s most important is that you start blogging because you enjoy doing it and that you never lose sight of that.


Choosing a blog niche is just one of the many factors that can help you achieve success with your content marketing strategy. I hope this article has provided you with some insight, and answered any questions you might have had.

If you’d like to learn more then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or check out the link in the description above to my Content Marketing Academy, where we have over 20 courses on how to find profitable blog topics.

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